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Claudia A. Martinez Bermudez, M.D.

General Information

Claudia A. Martinez Bermudez, M.D.



  • Interventional Cardiology - Internal Medicine
  • Cardiovascular Disease - Internal Medicine


English, Spanish

Clinical Areas

 Adults with congenital heart disease.

Women's heart disease

Structural heart disease and Interventions

Coronary Interventions

Clinical and preventive Cardiology

 Integrative Cardiovascular Medicine

HIV and Cardiovascular disease

Venous insuficiency



  • American Board of Internal Med-Cardiovascular Disease
  • American Board of Internal Med-Interventional Cardiology


  • Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine

Research Interests

 Structural Heart Disease

HIV and Cardiovascular disease

Integration of Alternative Medicine and the impact on Cardiovascular disease


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The Robert Myerburg Outstanding Academic Cardiology Faculty Award


2009 Fellowship
Lenox Hill Hospital
2008 Fellowship
Mount Sinai Medical Center
2005 Residency
NYU Downtown Hospital


Doctor Martinez was born and raised in Nicaragua. At age 16, went to medical school at the University of Guadalajara in Mexico. She then spent one year at Hospital San Pau and Santa Creu in Barcelona doing her internship. She moved to New York in 2002 for a three years Internal Medicine residency in New York Downtown Hospital. At that time she became the board member of Bridges to Communities organization to bridge health to Nicaragua. In 2005 she moved to Miami to do her Fellowship in Cardiology, at Mount Sinai Medical Center. In 2008 she moved again to New York for an Interventional Cardiology Fellowship at Lenox Hill Heart and Vascular Institute of New York under Doctor Gary Roubin. During that time she had the opportunity to be trained in radial cardiac procedure. She also had the unique opportunity to be trained by Doctor Carlos Ruiz with a special focus in structural interventions as well as outpatient and inpatient care of adult congenital heart disease and pregnant women. She moved to the University of Miami in 2009, where she has become an Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine. Her focus is on Adults with structural heart disease including adult congenital heart disease, Women’s cardiovascular care as well as on the Hispanic population and adults, to prevent and treat all range of cardiovascular disease. She works at the University of Miami, division of Cardiology and is part of the invasive and non-invasive group. She performs a variety of procedures including  imaging,  and percutaneous procedures for coronary, structural as well as for venous insuficiency. 

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