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Medicare Advantage

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Choosing a Medicare Advantage Plan may not be easy. Consider a plan which has partnered with UHealth.


UHealth has partnered with several Medicare Advantage plans to ensure we are available to you.

If you are looking for a Medicare Advantage HMO plan and would like to choose one of our Medicare Advantage primary care physicians, consider one of the health plan options below. You will have access to a team of experts focused on you and your health care needs. Your health care team includes a dedicated phone line for appointment scheduling, a select group of primary care physicians, nurses, and medical assistants. You will have access to UHealth renowned specialists and facilities. Some health plans have limitations on specialty coverage so please check with the health plan directly.

Insurance Companies who have partnered with UHealth and include our Medicare Advantage primary care physicians:

Our Medicare Advantage Primary care physicians included for these plans are located at one of two convenient primary care sites:

  • University of Miami Hospital and Clinics
  • UHealth at Kendall

For those with both Medicare and Medicaid coverage and interested in accessing all UHealth physicians, please consider one of these two plans:

Physicians at University of Miami Health District

Yanisa Del Toro

Yanisa Del Toro

Yvonne Diaz

Yvonne Diaz

Marco Gonzalez

Marco Gonzalez, M.D.

Lilliam Guzman

Lilliam Guzman, M.D.

Margarita Llinas

Margarita Llinas, M.D.

Paul Mendez

Paul Mendez, M.D.

Michael Mueller

Michael Mueller, M.D.

Physicians at UHealth at Kendall

Marilia Nery

Marilia Nery, M.D.

Raul Tano

Raul Tano, M.D.

Antonio Suarez

Antonio Suarez, M.D.

Medicare Logos

Please check with your health plan for a complete list of participating UHealth providers, facilities and benefits.

To learn more about the UHealth care team, please call 305-243-3388.


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